Our New technology TPS

Our New technology TPS


We applied a patent of “TPS” that have been developed our new technology. We decided to open some information about TPS on our web site.

This technology has some great differences compared with existing ones.

The first, TPS materialized over 10N/cm adhesive strength for various materials such as PI, LCP, PTFE films.

The second, TPS can materialize two things at the same time .

One is adhesive strength, and the other does not have a

damage on the films’ surface.

And so the films keep their dielectric constant after TPS.

The third, TPS does not heat excessively the films surface. This

feature means very useful for low heat-resistant films for

example LCP film.

We would like to inform a part of our technology “TPS” to every

persons and business doing research on “5G”.

We are delighted to have interested in our technology TPS.



Junichi Iwanaga